A software application designed for lossless reorganisation of a sound file
into a shorter version of itself. Kind of inspired by the power of a photograph
to see everything at once. In this case you hear everything at once although we
can't decode that in the same way. It has it's purpose though [for me anyway].
Software programmed for me by Limbomedia.

Jem Finer from The Pogues invited me to do a remix of his 1000 year long composition called
He gave me a random 10 minute extract of the composition to work with which I divided up
into 1.8 second segments using this software. Then I played all these 333.3 individual segments
simultaneously, so what you hear is the total audio content of the original extract in only 1.8 seconds,
which is the time it takes for the record to rotate and is cut as a Locked Groove playing to infinity.
The new track is of course titled:
'Short Work'

.Play composition: 'Short Work': [with Real Audio]

This will be released on the Orders EP a split 12" released by Snail Article [NYC] 2004