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' . . a living legend of the abstract. ' [WNUR Radio 2017]

British Composer of The Year Award in Sonic Art
The Paul Hamlyn Award for Composers Prize
'Best Mobile DJ' UK Award Winner
Visiting Professor in Sound Art

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LOVE HERTZ - Featureless Film Soundtrack Installation - CD&DVD

" QQQUESTION " dice - the perfect gift of curiosity

a Prof. Glen Schaefer Archive (1930 -1986)

" . . . on reflection " LP/CD with William Basinski on Temporary Residence NYC 2022

"Imagine Our World" installation Coventry City of Culture 2021

Concert Film - Live from 'NARNIA' with intro - for the Frameless Festival, Munich 2021

foundsoundscape.com 24/7 Global sound collage with 100+ artists

*** lucky-dip-disco-mixtape-show *** 101 top tracks and their stories

LP/CD on Temporary Residence NYC 'What Light There Is Tells Us Nothing' for Robert Wyatt

'Nothing breaks like a heart' mixtape for Netil Radio London

'Imaginary Landscapes : the turntable as instrument' documentary film by Vinyl Factory


'Speaker Cones' installation for Berghaus at Somerset House > London Design Biennale 2018

'Double Decade Dubplate' playing 33 tracks from 22 years in a show for Secret Thirteen [No.6 on Mixcloud chart]

'Janek interviews Janek' Chicago radioshow playing 20 tracks from 20 years

'Glitter in my tears' CD released by Room40 [Australia] & Film premiered by FACT magazine


7 year soundscape for the new Design Museum opens in London

BBC Radio 3 / half hour interview on the 'Late Junction' show / Jan 2016

'WORLD NEWS' 3"cd EP out now on Rev.LAB Holland

Live at the Sydney Opera House EP : trio of Janek Schaefer / DJ Olive / Lawrence English

'Dirty Acid Reign' single sided 7" single with 'Old Skool Podium on Poppers' mixtape

'Aerial Aria in the aviary' installation of operatic warblers as a flock of Aria Birds

Double LP released by Dekorder [Germany] Dec 2014

lead feature in The Independent on Sunday magazine

keynote lecture/concert at my old secondary school for the student symposium 'Breaking the Rules & Rebellion'

'Imagine a World . . .' exhibition at the Agency gallery, London, 2014

'CLOUDS FROM CUCKOOLAND' multi-channel radio installation, Canterbury, 2014

Lucky Dip Disco > Top 5 Pick of the Week in the clubbing section of the Guardian Guide, March 2014

'Lay-by Lullaby' CD album in 6 page deluxe card case released by 12k [New York] 2014

'Unlucky Dip Disco' installation at Milton Keynes Gallery, Halloween Night

Solo Show "Collecting Connections" opens at the Agency Gallery 2013

new website for my artwork www.janekschaefer.com

I am now represented by the Agency Gallery, London

'Day of the Demons' LP

my collaboration with Charlemagne Palestine on Desire Path [USA]

(((Good Times))) nine decades of dancing decadence on the decks

'Double Exposure' Audiofile Album on Cronica [Portugal]

'Phoenix & Phaedra holding patterns' CD by Spekk [Japan]

"National Portrait" 24hr Audiofile Album
1000 x MP3's housed in TV remote control [by::Room40:: Australia]

"..the package and presentation are a knockout" [The Wire]

"Local Radio Orchestra" Roaming Radio Roadshow tour dates 2011

'Janek Schaefer : Sound Art'
Catalogue of my Retrospective exhibition published by The Bluecoat


"Asleep at the wheel..." Where is our culture heading?
FREE Audiofile Album Download [audiOh!34] + C-40 mixtape [MDTS07]


My Vimeo Film Archive is open
Screening 20+ project films from the past 20+ years


"The Mill - City of Dreams" - score for a site specific play in an abandoned weaving mill

"The Changing Room"

'Unfolding' : My soundtrack to 'Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion' at The Barbican Gallery
free Audiofile Release [audiOh! Recordings]

'Secret Service [all creeds all colours]' hunting for sound with 28 FM transmitters & 16 retro radios

'Coda for John Dankworth' FM Radio sculpture

'Lucky Dip Disco Mixtape Vol.1' audiofile download on Australian Symbiosis Radio

"Childhood Melodies" Compilation of music mostly from the 30's to 70's [Free Download]

Philip Jeck & Janek Schaefer's 'Desert Island Discs' [MPfree]

'Inner Space Memorial [for JG Ballard]'


"Black Magic" Sound Sculpture series

'Rapture' - composition for dance performance series on top of Frank Ghery buildings around the world

Lucky Dip Disco - you pick the 7" hits & I play them - Guaranteed Good Times
"...the Best DJ in the World"
- " if you want to hear the best....DJ Dedication's what you need"

NEW CD/DVD 'Extended Play' [triptych for the child survivors of war and conflict]
composition installation for cello piano and violin EP's on 9 vari-speed retro record players
"Seldom has Sound Art sounded as enjoyable as this"

CD released by LINE [USA]
[+ exclusive DVD/Download Film]
British Composer of The Year Award 2008

'audiOh! Transcription Series / Spoken Word LP's 1951 - 1980'
Selection of spoken word LP recordings for my mother's birthday

'Alone at last' CD album
Collection of commissioned compositions 1997 - 2007 [Sirr.ecords]
"highly subtle music that should win him new fans and pleasantly surprise the old" [Vital]

Sleeveless release
"The Sporting Guide to The Speed of Sound" [audiOh! Recordings]

'Two by Two by Two by Two by Too many by Too much'
installation on population pollution opens in the Canary Islands Modern Art Museum

installation with Chris Watson & David Tinapple 'Vacant Space' DVD Now available
"Observing and hearing these spaces without their usual hustle and bustle is as
psychologically liberating as running through the aisles of a supermarket after closing time"

Nominated for British Composer of the Year Awards 2007

Audiofile Album 'Recital in the old library' sleeveless release [audiOh! Recordings]
"Astonishingly intimate" [The Wire]

CD 'In the last hour' [::Room40:: - Australia]
"In the Last Hour confirms Janek's position as a leading contemporary sound artist"
"sounds like what a cathedral made out of glass would look like... Completely essential"
"a superb overview of one of the UK’s most compelling sound artists and composers"
"this is indeed his best work"

My summertime CD 'Hidden Name' with Stephan Mathieu is out now [Cronica - Portugal]
"This is a major tour de force of eleven beauties. Great stuff from great minds"

"An invitation to perfection, so powerful is the magic of Stephan & Janek"

"An absolute masterpiece...that also touched me very deeply"
"..quietly magnificent"

My Whitney Museum of Modern Art - dance soundtrack: 'Migration' is out now [Bip_Hop]
"Schaefer has a unique gift for seeing process in spatial terms... One of his best releases to date".
[The Wire]

My original soundtrack for 'The Science of Aliens' exhibition begins tour for 5 years at the Science Museum in London

'Shuffle Mode' site specific installation for Perth Concert Hall

Canadian Radio 3 interview by Jowi Taylor for 'The Wire' 8 part radio series on the role of electricity in the history of music.
[Radio series website with loads of other great interviews from each episode] [20min full interview via Real Audio stream]

My 'World Record for breaking the most number of records' on my 33.3rd birthday enters The Guinness Book of World Records !

Cold Storage has been awarded a Jury Selection at the Bourges 2005 International Competition of Electroacoustic Music & Sonic Art
Cold Storage is an impressive resumé not only of Schaefer's own career as a sound artist, but of half a century
of the theory and practice of electronic music in all its diverse forms"
. [The Wire]

Prix Ars Electronica - Skate LP wins 'Award of Distinction'


releases available at my
online shop

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Podcast interview with Janek on 'Some Assembley Required' radio show, Minneapolis, USA.

"Janek Schaefer's first sound-work, 'Recorded Delivery', remains one of the wittiest and most interesting
in the field of Sound Art. It is elegant, economical and clever, and makes me wish I'd thought of it first."
Brian Eno [2005]



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