Discography Janek Schaefer

15 #REV006CD/P "World News" EP mini cd on Rev.Lab [Holland] with A3 print publication by Bas Mantel, and sound recordings by Danny Lavie
#DRM435 "Three by three by three" EP by Janek Schaefer + DJ Olive + Lawrenece English created from ourconcert at Sydney Opera House 2003
#audiOh!45 'Dirty Acid Reign' 7" My only ever Dance Music track released on my 45th birthday
15 #audiOh!37 (((foundsoundscape.com)))24hr radio station composition and collaboration with 100+ artists
#audiOh!36 Audiofile Album 'Old Skool Podium on Poppers' double digital album of early 90's club classics that originally inspired me
14 CD
'Lay-by Lullaby' 12k, USA
#77 LP 'Unfolding luxury beyond the city of dreams' Dekorder, Germany.
#78 LP 'Inner space memorial in Wonderland' Dekorder, Germany.
#audiOh!35 Audiofile Album '
Top 'Unpop' Hot 123' The Unlucky Dip Disco - installation soundtrak. 123 of the most popular unpopular singles 1946 - 2013
13 'Vernacular'
2xCD various artists, Whereabouts Records [Yui Onodera] Japan
#Pathway004 LPDay of the DemonsCollaboration with Charlemagne Palestine on blood red clear vinyl with mask. Desire Path Recordings.
11 #Cronica062 Audiofile
AlbumDouble Exposure12 commissioned compositions. Cronica Electronica
11 #audiOh!34 Audiofile Album 'Asleep at the wheel...' Film, music, and spoken word content from the exhibition - free download or USB Car Key
#KK025 CD 'Phoenix & Phaedra holding patterns' Live composition for FM transmitter, portable radios and 4 speaker PA [Spekk, Japan]
#MDTS07 C40 cassette 'Asleep at the wheel... Glovebox Mixtape' Musical episodes from the installation for C40 Cassette
#audiOh!33 Audiofile 'Unfolding' [the 'Future Beauty' soundtrack] exhibition at The Barbican Gallery, London
#audiOh!32 Audiofile Album 'Asleep at the wheel...' limited edition collection of the 10 in car soundtracks from the installation
#audiOh!31 Audiofile Album 'Childhood Melodies' compilation of children's music mostly from the 30's to 70's
#EDRM424 [audiOh!30] Audiofile Album 'National Portrait [the last transmission]' 24 hour 1000xMP3 file album released in a TV remote by ::Room40::
Cronica047 5" vinyl "Fifty Inner Spaces [for JG Ballard]" split release with Stephan Mathieu's track 'Girl'
#audiOh!29 Sound Sculpture 'Inner Space Memorial [for JG Ballard]' Loudspeakers, Gramophone Case, CD Player, Car Amplifier
09 #audiOh!28 Sound Sculpture
'Pickup Putdown' Record Player, Finger picking banjo LP, Helium balloon & ribbon
09 #audiOh!27 Sound Sculpture
'Unwinding with a pint' Wind-up gramophone mechanism, used plastic pint glass, drawing pin, retaining screw
09 #audiOh!26 Sound Sculpture
'Found Sound Player' Gramophone acoustic pickup, used plastic pint glasses
09 #audiOh!25 Sound Sculpture
'Pretty Pollyogram' Sampling parrot, sound horns, 78RPM Record.
#audiOh!24 Audiofile Album 'audiOh! Transcription Series : Spoken Word LP's 1951 - 1980' free download collection of LP recordings
#audiOh!23 Audiofile "Two by Two by Too Many by Too Much" installation soundtrack
#LINE036 CD "Extended Play" Studio album using the EP vinyl and room recordings [LINE, USA]
08 #audiOh!22 DVDr+CDr "Extended Play [The Film]" Comprehensive burn to order album & film about the project
08 #Sirr031 CD "Alone at last" Collection of commissioned compositions 1997 - 2007 [Sirr.ecords, Portugal]
07 #audiOh!21 Audiofile Album
'The Sporting Guide to The Speed of Sound' Site specific concert at Loughborough University Sports Hall 198
#audiOh!20 3x12"EP "Extended Play" 33 edition small run of vinyl copies for the installation
#Feardrop LAGR011 CD 'Feardrop 11' Compilation for magazine with exlusive track 'Boulevard Peripherique'
#audiOh!19 DVDr "Vacant Space" short documentary & long film of the sound reactive audio visual installation
#audiOh!18 Audiofile Album "Recital in the old library at South Hill Park" concert recording form the Sound:Space seminar
#EDRM410 CD "On Isolation" Compilation by Room 40 for a symposium in Tasmania on isolation in contemporary culture
CD 'The Art of the Virtual Rhythmicon' Track on a compilation using Leon Theremins 1930's invention
#RM419 CD 'In the last hour' My favourite album so far release by ::Room40:: Australia
#Cronica 027
CD 'Hidden Name' Duo with Stephan Mathieu recorded together in a house in the country
#Stiching Mixer 2x7"
‘Location Stories' 'Minneapolis Office Max Messages', 'Amazon Word Game' & 'Field Recording tracks'
#audiOh!17 DVDr
"Short Stories" 'burn to order' edition of a collection of 10 sound art films 1995 to 2006
#Bleep 31 CD
‘Migration' Solo CD soundtrack for the Migrations dance at the Whitney Muesum, New York, on Bip Hop
#A22 CD/booklet
‘Walking East’ Composition and design for Gino Zardo project - NYC photographer and field recordist, Alluvial Records
#audiOh!16 CDr
‘Various’ evolving compliation of ideas based sound pieces by me - ongoing track listing
#ASP2026 CD
‘Songs for Europe' Duo with Philip Jeck created in Istanbul & Athens using local vinyl [Asphodel USA]
#AV017 2xCDR
‘Observer Drift' collection of unedited found sounds and field recordings on Authorised Version UK
#Cabinet magazine 13 CD
‘Past Forward' Compilation in NYC Cabinet magazine containing 'His Masters Voices'
#SA02 12"
‘Orders EP' New York Split 12" with my side containing 5 tracks of collaborations and commissions
04 #Rec02 12" ‘Appliance 4' Various Artists 12"on Appliance Records Japan
#Bleep 24 CD
‘Bip_Hop Generation Vol 7' Comp of exclusive tracks from french label.
#Tonschacht 016 7"
‘Early Electronic Compositions' 2 tracks using analogue electronics from 1998 on German label
#no number 2xCD
‘Melatonin' Compilation of music inspired by sleep released by ::Room40:: Australia
#dfrgcd089 CD
‘Cold Storage' Composition for a Cold Storage vault in Rome, released by DSP, Italy
‘Xing Wu' 2 x CD compilation by Xing Wu, Malaysia in, Ambarchi, Stone, Nakamura, Northam & Me etc
#L5 CD
‘INstruments' 11 track compilation of music made on instruments and reworked on cumputer, List Records
‘Splitting Bits, Closing Loops: Sound on Sound’ Track on Leonardo Music Journal vol 13 CD comp [MIT]
#A17 CD
‘Weather Report’ Gatefold CD with 24 page booklet released by Alluvial Recordings, Minneapolis.
#Atak no number CD
‘60 Artists Protest the War’ 60 x 1min responses to war released by Atak records, Tokyo.
‘Quality Hotel’ Quartet collaboration with Stephan Mathieu, Radboud Mens, Me & Timeblind on Mutek
#audiOh!11/STmCD023 LP/3"CD
‘Skate / Rink’ Random play vinyl. Joint release with Staalplaat in deluxe gatefold sleeve.
#audiOh!15 CDr
‘Love Song’ 7 female relatives sing 'Love' 7 times at 7 random pitches for as long as possible.
#audiOh!14 12"
‘I Love You’. [Edition of 1] 3 x locked grooves, 'I' + 'Love' + 'You' played on the Tri-Phonic for my bride.
#Sirr.ecords 2010 CD
‘Black Immure: Music from the Casa de Serralves’. Live site specific composition.
#Pocket Sounds PS/4 CDr
‘Found Sound: Version II’. Great Collation of various discovered audio inc Rec/Delivery.
#ISBN0-9544320-0-2 Book/CD ‘Belfast Songs’ Various artists commissioned by Factotum to rework songs about Belfast.
03 #audiOh!13 CDrx20
‘The TTH Tour Tapes’ Private release of the Turntable Hell Tour audio diary [33.3mins].
02 #Feardrop LAGR009 CD
'Feardrop 9' Compilation for magazine with exlusive track 'National Silence'
#Audiosphere AS03 CD
‘Le Petit Theatre de Mercelis’. Sub Rosa Invisible Architecture DVDcase series
#audiOh!12 CD
‘Pulled Under’ Solo CD released on my own audiOh! Recordings label
01 #Airmile003 CD 'Medical Milestones' Hot Air 7" series compilation inc. Recorded Delivery A-side
#audiOh!10 CDr x25
'Skate Recording' Live recording of the Skate installation in Cork, Ireland
#audiOh!09 LP
'On/Off LP' Disc with one centred & one off-centred tone on same surface.
#Rhiz 009 CD
'Comae' Debut album with Robert Hampson as Comae on Rhiz Records, Vienna/Berlin.
#audiOh!08 LP 'Eccentric/Concentric LP' Exhibition no label black edition of On/Off LP
#SR146 CD
‘Floating Foundation’ Sub Rosa compilation with me + Main, Charles, Vitiello, Ralske
#No Number CD
'[K-RAA-K]3' Label compilation including the composition 'Penumbral Rover'
#E.R.S 120/07 LP
'LOCKers' 2 tracks on various selected artists locked groove LP
00 #FAT SP02 CD
'Above Buildings' First studio album, Fat Cat Records, London
00 #audiOh!07 CDr
'Return To Sender' Recording/Installation at the Lighthouse Gallery, Wolverhampton.
00 #The Wire Tapper 6 'Accident Assistant' exlusive track for The Wire Cover 2xCD
00 #Diskono011 7" 'Wow' Composition cut eccentrically onto disc to induce tone fluctuation.
99 #FATCD08
'Split Series 1-8' Track on Split Series compilation by Fat Cat Records
99 #K3017 CD
'OUT' on [K-RAA-K]3 records. 2x30 min Live performance.
99 #Airmile 72 Red 7" 'Recorded Delivery' on Hot Air records. 600 edition.
98 #No Number CD
'Structure Decay' Fat Cat compilation
98 #12FAT023
Split 12" with Pan American. Split Series EP number 3 on Fat Cat Records
98 #ARECD101 CD 'Hope' Compilation CD with 1min tracks on the theme of Hope
98 #audiOh!06 C-90
'Cross Talk' Lyrical music played forwards and backwards simultaneously for 'Masquerade' exhibition.
97 #audiOh!05 C-90 'HITS' Collection of my most popular least unheard chart exploding collages
97 #audiOh!04 33x clear vinyl reverse play LP
'His Master's Voices' 1st collection of Tri-phonic collages
96 #audiOh!03 C-90
'Disturbed in Disguise' Created for group show 'Public Views 2', London
95 #audiOh!02 C-90
'95 Degree Angles' Lo-fi electronic collages
#audiOh!040695 'MFA 040695' Sound collage commissioned by Andrew Onräet for RCA degree show. London
95 #audiOh!01 CDr 'Recorded Delivery' Ltd Edition of 10. Full length version of parcel travelling through post office
91 #audiOh!0.91 C-90
'Architectural cleaner required' Concréte collage at the 1991 Architectural Winterschool
#audiOh!0.76 C-90 'Journey' Composition and improvisation of 1st sound collage aged 6