'Real Player Basic' freeware down load instructions



In order to play back the sound samples you will need the useful
'Real Player' shareware. This works on all OS systems Mac and PC.

It runs in the background while you browse the site.

It's FREE and simple and works!

Click this link then fill in the form and follow their download instructions.

Make sure you select the correct Operating System from the appropriate drop down menu Mac or PC etc.


How to Stream MP3s, A Brief Tutorial on M3U Files

Step by Step Instructions
The following instructions assume that you are familiar with basic tasks such as creating text documents. If you are unable to complete any of the following steps, feel free to email me for help.

1. Choose the MP3 file that you would like to stream, and upload it to your host. The host you choose must support direct linking to files. Services like freedrive and x-drive will not work.
2. Create a blank text file, and to the file add a line containing the complete URL to the file you just uploaded.
Example Text
3. Save and close the text document.
4. Rename the text document with the same name you gave the MP3 file you uploaded in step one, but with the extension .M3U . That is, if your MP3 file was called mymp3.mp3 , then you should rename your text file to mymp3.m3u . Note: you do not have to give the M3U file the same name as your MP3 file, only the extension is important. However, I find it much easier to keep track of things when they are named appropriately.
5. Because the M3U file contains the full URL to your MP3 file, you can upload the M3U file to any host. It need not reside on the same host that your MP3 file is located on. In fact, it should work right from your local machine.
6. We're ready to test it out. Enter the full URL to your M3U into your web browser. For instance 'http://www.myhost.net/mymp3.m3u' . Now hit return, and if your default MP3 player is even remotely worthy, it should fire up and begin playing your MP3 file as it is downloading.