Just before the events of 9/11 I made my twin turntable so that I could always carry it with me.
[The baggage handlers were not friends of my Tri-phonic Turntable that was heavier and larger.]
5 years after making the Twin I was forced to make this one directly due to 'The War on Terror'.
I don't think it's too melodramatic to say that. It affects us all in numerous ways.
The response is to place restrictions on the masses, so here I am.

The new limitaitons on hand baggage sizes were now 1cm smaller than the Twin Turntable.
In fact there has been a lot of  discussion as to how this affects musicians who can no longer
carry their instruments on board flights. They even discussed this topic tonight on Newsnight.
I don't play 300 year old bag-pipes so I am fortunate to be able to make a new instrument.

Of course they had to change the dimensions half way through but now it's as small as I can make one.

Born in this context of conflict.. opposing tone arms battle one another to produce beautiful results

It also holds my travel biscuits, recording gear, camera and sandwiches !

after all - I guess 'out of adversity, creativity is born'

- building work in progress -


I also have included a removable black box [left] to carry all my electronics and travel trinkets