Created for 'The Rumble' exhibition held at the Royal Society of British Sculptors, feb 2001.
The exhibition investigated the themes of Spirals and Sine Waves.
The Twin was built firstly/especially to play the audiOh Recordings 08 Test Pressing 'Eccentric/ConcentricLP'
which was later released in clear vinyl as the 'On/Off LP' audiOh Recordings 09.

Listen to samples of the On/Off LP

Features any speed 1-70 rpm forwards or backwards with stereo out for each
arm and much smaller and lighter than the Tri-Phonic so I can take it on as hand luggage,
[obvious advantage avoiding stupid baggage handlers] 7Kg.
So I use this for touring performance work

Inaugral exhibition view

Visit it's big brother The Tri-Phonic


For my wedding in 2003 my mum and I made a full scale wedding cake version
with edible labels, rotating chocolate records and fruit cake base.