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a 1 hit wonder by
Mr Manic
'Dirty Acid Reign'

single edition, single sided 7" single, for anyone who is still on a podium at 45

released on my 45th Birthday 14th July 2015

audiOh! Recordings #45 (c) 2015 Edition of 1 x 7" Now Sold





'Dirty Acid Reign'  7"  by Mr Manic  >  [3.03 min]

[audiOh!45] [edition of 1]

It's taken me 20 years to write a dance track, my favourite music in life. I've always wanted to make dancing music, but never managed to adhere to the rules of rhythm. I first tried in 1995, but failed, and ended up creating the Tri-Phonic Turntable in 1997, which took me in an entirely different direction and launched my sound art career, but that's another story  . . .

Dirty Acid Reign was produced in Dave the Rave's studio in Totnes over a weekend. It took far too long, but ended up being a pretty good portrait of my state of mind on the dance floor. 4am in a sweaty tent full of smoke in some field as the dawn breaks on a podium if possible. I went down to Dave's, to lay my demons to rest, and see if I could finally allow myself to follow the rules of rhythm and make my first dance track.

I wanted to make a contemporary dance music track, and definately not acid house or techno which I had fallen in love with in Manchester. My feeling was, that I wanted to make a record I could play at my Lucky Dip Disco parties. A track that could fit in with my eclectic popular playlist for all ages > > > BUT I soon realised in the studio, that I did not know what sounds and presets to use in Logic to fit in with the current charts etc. I've never used Abbleton LIVE etc. So I told dave and called my wife to tell her I'd failed. As soon as I put down the phone I realised that I was now albe to just make a track for myself using the techniques I have learned as a sound artist and perfemer with 27 albums under my belt. I sat down, popped on a sample LP someone had given me years ago, and the ACID HOUSE vocal boomed out straight away.. I caught the moment, and worked through the night until teatime the next day, then stood up having created 'Dirty Acid Reign'. A complete surprise to me. It's wonky, dark, surprising, insecent, humerous, irritating or infectious... Like it or loathe it, I am proud of it, and am happy to share it. Just delete it if you don't like. No Problem, but the accompanying compilation of classic old skool originals on Side B, may just make your download worth while.

Finally, I managed to play it to a paying public audience, at my monthly family disco party I run at the Riverhouse Barn arts centre in my home town. It worked, kids and adults were both still dancing by the end of it. My dream was fulfilled. It has worked at other adult parties since, if I chose my moment wisely! It's not easy to dance to I admit, more of an attitude move. The track is 3.03 mins long in honour of the Roland TB303 Acid machine.

The Film was produced in my studio shed using my disco lights, lasers, smoke, bubbles and a big bag of lovely glitter. Then a marathon video editing session!. Mr Manic surprised me again. That's the name I use as a children's disco entertainer, and releasing tracks under pseudonyms is also common in Old Skool musics of course. It seemed appropriate. Hold on to your eye balls. It made my kids eyes water! With joy surely. . . ?

Turn it up. Play it LOUD on speakers as much as you can >
Massive shoutout to you, from Mr Manic in the Acid House!!!

A good way to celebrate my 45th birthday. A free gift for you.
This is what i did for my 33.3rd birthday. The World Record

Dedicated to Dave the Rave

Bonus B-Side

'Old Skool Podium on Poppers'
 36 track mixtape by DJ Dedication [2.5hrs]

[audiOh!36] [Unlimited Download] [Public Domain]

36 track compilation of my favourite tracks that I began my dancing days with on a podium all night long at the No1 Club in Manchester on friday nights with DJ Tim Lennox 1990/1991, and at The Hacienda, on wednesday nights in the summer holidays and on and on.
I learnt to dance to these tracks, it's the happiest music I have experienced in my life, and I was only on a can of Tennents Super, and maybe the scent of poppers of course. The opening track I remember playing out of the windows of my Hulme concrete flat before going out. It was a massive year as over half the tracks on the compilation are from 1991!


I began studying Architecture at Manchester Polytechnic in 1990, while still going out with the amazing Jill in Cambridge who had introduced me to Joy Division, Art House Cinema, piercing, wearing leather trousers and rubber t-shirts etc. In the first term that relationship ended when I met Cleo Farman who was to introduce me to The No1 Club, and DANCING. These two relationships shaped my musical landscape, and personal growth, and I am eternally grateful to them both. 18 years later I started running my own dance parties. See Lucky Dip Disco below.

I remember very very well the beginning of my dancing odessey. I was with Cleo at The Boardwalk one evening with friends Dec 1990, and this song kept distracting me, so I had to stop just standing still in bars, and went to dance .. the track was Pacific State by 808 State. I was hooked.

I used to photograph for 'Pulp', the Manchester Poly magazine with my friend Johnno [Jocky Slut/Bugged Out] at the helm as magazine editor. I learnt in my homemade darkroom how to develop and print. Using my dad's Nikon F1 to adventure all around the city right to the heart of the moments unfolding, including clubland at it's very best. A memoprable assignment was for a front cover at Flesh at The Hacienda. One of my other commissions was to make a set of ashtrays for the Hacienda offices, made from molten shellac 78's, … God knows whose embers landed in them!
I used to hang around at the time with Elliot Eastwick, Miles Hollway, Pete, Henry and Ben and co [who now run Paper Recordings] and made props for local club nights like 'Carpet Burn' >

All in all those were very happy daze indeed. I hope you enjoy the collection.

Dedicated to Cleo. "Dance Dance Dance to the Radio"

Free Download 'Old Skool Podium on Poppers' as a zip file. Public Domain.



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I have played these tracks for children and adults alike at my all decades all ages Lucky Dip Dsico parties

I've collected All Genres from 90 years of Decadent Dance / One persons Cheesy Crap is anothers Cracker Track

I turn my box of eclectic 7"s and playlists around to face the dancers so we can choose the tunes together

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