'Xing Wu' CD compilation by Xing Wu, Malaysia

Various Artists
Xing Wu Records XWU5001CD
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Press Release:

A collection of compositions released by the Malaysian label Xing Wu.

Track listing


1) Climax Golden Twins
2) Reynols
3) Toshimaru Nakamura
4) Zai De
5) Volcano the Bear
6) Yandsen
7) Tetuzi Akiyama
8) Thuja
9) Carl Stone
10) Tham Kar Mun
11) Oren Ambarchi
12) Eric La Casa


1) Jeph Jerman
2) Loren Chasse
3) Eric La Casa/ Jean-Luc Guionnet/ Dan Warburton
4) Taku Sugimoto
5) Yin Pin
6) Axel Dorner
7) Anthony Pateras/ David Brown
8) Janek Schaefer
9) Andrea Neumann
10) Yannick Dauby
11) Matt Shoemaker
12) Michael Northam (mnortham)
13) Lee Kwang

Website for track titles etc: http://www.yat.ch/xingwu


Mimaroglu Music [US] (keith fullerton whitman)
First global transmission from the kuala lumpur-based “EXPERIMENTAL MUSICIANS AND ARTISTS CO-OPERATIVE MALAYSIA” , whose various members contribute 5 of the 25 tracks herein... the other 20 are from a who’s who of the int’l sound-research circuit and are of phenomenally high quality (the exoticity of the label’s point of origin must have been a contributing factor in getting all involved to contribute vital examples of their work instead of 2nd-tier comp-track dreck).
what i’m finding the most enjoyable about this set is the curatorial aspect... the wide variety of approaches and fidelities on display somehow all blur boundaries in a highly listenable fashion (i.e. instead of segueing the work of like-minded auteurs into dovetail-like situations, the digital pieces morph into the analog into the lo-fi into the composed into the improvised... many labels could learn volumes from the sequencing of this record alone), making this amongst the first comps to have a “soul”, so to speak...

Completely essential listening, as of yet my nominee for comp. of the year. really. its that good...